Debbie Hupp, American Songwriter and Founding Artist

You Decorated My Life...and so on

Big sister, big move, big hits. All about music first, Debbie Hupp ventured from her family home in Kentucky to become a Grammy award winning songwriter. That road was long and winding, (not her lyric) but always with the heart and mind to do other things as well. Visual art was as much a love as music, but there never seemed to be the time. Hupp also spent over twenty years in social service working with youth. Seeing that chapter closing, she started filling up her studio with art. In the beginning it was just for her own pleasure and practice. She then encouraged her three talented sisters to paint, even if it was only to be an emotional escape beyond television and movies.

In a very short time, each of the three women had created a passel of paintings of her own. Each better than the last. An incredible  amount of time, thought, and money goes into creating works of art. Eventually, even after gifting several things, space is an issue. Things must move in order to continue! The Galsery is a culmination of all that relative talent. 

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